I think I may have my character. I’ll go with it and see where the finer details change as I continue to write the story. #characterdesign

Disgruntled alien. Gotta get a name for this guy. #characterdesign

People are boring. #characterdesign

I start tennis lessons today. I’m nervous. #characterdesign

Alien drawin’. #characterdesign

Figuring out this guy’s face some more. #characterdesign

Likes: black eyes w/white pupils, double line on nose, boxer shorts with work uniform top, upside down pear head. #characterdesign

The alien is about double the height of a human. His pet is a fat cow named Milk-Sack. #characterdesign

More noodling. Made fingers more rectangular, longer head and body. #characterdesign

Last one of the day. Still not right. #characterdesign

Closer… But a bit too froggy. 85% #characterdesign

Getting closer to feeling like the character in the story! 80% there. #characterdesign

Trying to find a character design to match a story I’m tinkering with. Feels 20% there.

An Annie Hall type. #sketches

Trying different styles.