Sketching some Olaf. I love this dude.

Merry Christmas from the land of mice and cheese.

Thanks for a fun year, Instagram. Here are my best posts.

A Terry Christmas tradition is forming. This year’s craft: ornaments!

"When you wish upon a star…"
Sometimes dreams take 18 years to come true. (at Disney Studios)

Prints of my Inktober drawing are available. Lots of size variations, with or without frame, on canvas, etc. And if you want to be a weirdo you can even get it on a coffee mug.

#inktober 2013 — prints at

Play the video for the big #inktober reveal! — Larger views and prints at

Two is company, three is a *CRUNCH*! #inktober 30/31

Fin’d for yourself. #inktober 29/31

Unda da sea. #inktober 28/31

Droppin’ eggs and making new friends. #inktober 27/31

My brain, which forgot to draw for #inktober yesterday, is arriving late to the party. 26/31

This is how I feel today. #inktober 25/31

City Super-Slicker #inktober 24/31